Back to School: Teachers and Employment Law During COVID-19
September 28, 2020

Navigating COVID-19 during this past year has brought enough confusion and uncertainties to families around the world.  

In March, schools quickly adapted and allowed for classes to be held virtually for a month or two to finish out the current semester 

However, the new school year brings a much more challenging dilemma. Because of the uncertainties schools are facing, it is important for teachers to know their rights during this time. 

If you are a teacher in the greater St. Louis area, the Law Office of Richard S. Cornfeld can help you understand your employment law rights.  

Almost all of the schools in the St. Louis area are relying on remote education from home to start the year. So, as a teacher, what do you need to know about working during the pandemic? 

Antibody Tests Cannot BUsed Against You 

If you believe you contracted coronavirus in the past and decided to have an antibody test, your employer cannot use it against you. A positive antibody test for COVID-19 cannot be used to terminate your employment contract. 

Confidentiality Of Medical Information 

If you have contracted the coronavirus or have tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, you have the right for this information to be kept confidential. Whether in the middle of a pandemic or not, your employer cannot share your personal health information with others.  

You Cannot Be Discriminated Against 

As a teacher, you have the right to protect yourself from the virus whether you are 100% healthy or have a health issue that puts you at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Your employer cannot terminate your contract or discriminate against you based on your health status during the pandemic. 

Reasonable Accommodations For High Risk Individuals 

If you are an individual with a high risk of contracting COVID-19, your employer is expected to give you reasonable accommodations during your employment. You have the right to be as safe as possible during this pandemic, and your school should work with high-risk individuals to keep them safe. 

If you are a teacher struggling with your employer because of COVID-19, contact the Law Office Of Richard S. Cornfeld today for a free consultation.  

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