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St Louis Rams
A federal judge has given final approval of the settlement reached on behalf of Rams PSL owners against the L.A. Rams. The settlement announced in the fall of 2018, Rams would pay millions of dollars to PSL owners for the unused portion of their PSLs after the team moved to L.A.

Case Settlement Details:


Thirty percent of the price paid for each PSL, representing the 30% of the 30 years the PSLs were good for.


Rick Cornfeld was a leader of the legal team that achieved this settlement.


Case Information

This case is now closed and the claim period is over.

Licensor hereby expressly reserves the following rights: The right to terminate this Agreement and refund part or all of the Licensee’s deposit …” — Rams’ purported PSL Agreement (emphasis added)

After the Rams moved from St. Louis in 2016, the Cornfeld law firm, along with co-counsel The Bruning Law Firm, LLC, and Goldenberg Heller & Antognoli, P.C., filed a class-action suit seeking reimbursement to the PSL holders for the years they paid for but did not receive. This settlement is the result of that legal action. “It is an outstanding outcome for the people of this city,” said Attorney Cornfeld.

“This settlement will provide our class members, original PSL owners, exactly what we sought for them, 30% of the purchase price of their PSLs for the Rams’ breach of contract,” said attorney Rick Cornfeld. “The PSL owners paid for 30 years of Rams football in St. Louis but got just 21 years. This settlement will give them their money back for the years of football they paid for but never received. But even better, they won’t have to pay our attorneys’ fees out of their recovery. The Rams will be paying those separately.”

This case was a big win for The Law Office of Richard S. Cornfeld, the PSL holders, and the people of St. Louis.

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