COVID-19 University Campus Closures
University campuses in Missouri and Illinois are closed due to COVID-19. Onsite campus students are no longer allowed to use the facilities that they paid tuition and student fees for.

You may have a case if the following is true:


You are enrolled on campus at a University in Missouri or Illinois.


You've been deprived of the benefits of having classes with live professors and fellow students. You've been unable to use the campus facilities due to COVID-19 closures.


You feel these closures have inhibited your learning experience.

Case Information

Because of COVID-19, university students in Missouri and Illinois have been moved to an online learning platform due to the current pandemic. These students have paid thousands in tuition and student fees related to labs, gyms, student centers, and other facilities that they are no longer able to use.

We are currently receiving information from students who believe they deserve a partial tuition and fee refund from colleges and universities in Missouri and Illinois.

If what is described above sounds familiar, you may have a case.

If you have experienced something similar and are in Missouri or Illinois, contact us today! We will never charge you to just talk about your case.