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Understanding and Fighting Workplace Retaliation
November 17, 2020

Workplace RetaliationWhat Is Retaliation In The Workplace?

Retaliation in the workplace is when an employer treats an employee differently or unfairly after a complaint of discrimination is made.

Unfortunately, even though retaliation is illegal under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, it is the most common form of workplace discrimination.

Identifying Retaliation

Retaliation comes in many different forms. Here are a few things to consider if you think you are facing retaliation.


Potential Causes of Retaliation:

    • Expressing to your supervisor concerns regarding discrimination or harassment
    • Requesting accommodation for a disability, religious reason, or due to pregnancy
    • Filing a complaint because of workplace discrimination

What Retaliation Looks like:

    • Giving you an unfair performance review
    • Lowering your position in the company
    • Preventing you from applying for other positions
    • Verbal harassment
    • Making work less desirable
    • Being unjustly fired

Hire An Employment Law Attorney

If you think that you have been retaliated against, it may be beneficial to consult with a lawyer. Employment attorneys can help review your evidence and determine if retaliation occurred.

The lawyers at the Law Office of Richard S. Cornfeld are experienced in helping those who have been discriminated against and retaliated against.

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