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If your firm needs assistance from an experienced and skilled attorney, especially on complex scientific issues, The Law Office of Richard S. Cornfeld, LLC would welcome the opportunity to help make your case a success.

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Consider just one aspect of Rick Cornfeld’s skill set, expert “take-downs.”  At his former firm, Rick earned a reputation for defeating opposing experts from both the plaintiff and defense side.   He argued and won one of the leading post-Daubert appellate decisions, Claar v. Burlington Northern R.R., 29 F.3d 499 (9th Cir. 1994), after persuading the trial court to strike the opposing neurologists and grant summary judgment.   In other cases, opposing counsel frequently withdrew their experts after Rick made them look foolish in deposition or – if they did not withdraw them – jurors rejected the experts’ testimony after his cross-examination.   Once, in a multi-defendant case, an immunologist (whom Rick had previously defeated) testified that Rick’s client had nothing to do with the plaintiff’s alleged injury – and plaintiff’s counsel dismissed Rick’s client – in exchange for Rick’s agreement not to question the expert at deposition.

One of the techniques Rick pioneered was the “expert quiz” to show that the witness lacked necessary knowledge of the field.   After one expert, a psychologist, “failed” the quiz, Rick elicited testimony from his former assistant – who had initially praised his former boss’ expertise – that, based on what was revealed in the deposition, the expert was “incompetent, inaccurate, unethical, unqualified, and dishonest.”

In another large case, a separate law firm asked Rick to take on four experts, an epidemiologist, an economist and two cultural anthropologists, all full-time tenured professors at major universities.   After Rick finished with them, opposing counsel withdrew them all.

His list of witnesses taken down includes experts in a broad range of fields, including, in addition to those mentioned above, agricultural engineering, biostatistics, cardiology, internal medicine,  neuropsychology, occupational medicine, pathology, public health and toxicology.

If you would like details about these cases or would like to talk to Rick about enlisting his assistance on a case, call him at 314-241-5799 or fill out the contact form on this page.